If you are considering dentistry as a future career, here are a few tips to get you started:

Whether you are in lower sixth or even GCSE year, it’s never too early to start preparing.

For GCSE students:

  • Make sure that your A-level choices don’t back you into a corner, keep in mind that almost all dental schools require you to study chemistry and biology is highly desirable.
  • Think about attending some open days, don’t leave them all until next year, your parents won’t be happy if you ask them to drive you to 10 different open days in the space of 3 weeks!
  • Work hard! GCSEs are an important point of reference for admissions tutors, a strong set of results looks great in applications.
  • Think about organising some work experience over the holidays. Good things to do include:
    • NHS dental practice
    • Dental Laboratory
    • Volunteering at a local hospice
    • Orthodontic practice
    • Specialist care dental services
    • Something entirely different! Keep your options open

For AS-Level students:

  • Attend some open days. They can really help you to get a feel for a university and a city and they will be important in making your decisions in a few months time.
  • If your A-Level choices aren’t perfect for dentistry consider some universities that do foundation years or ‘Pre-Dent’ courses.
  • Keep up 4 subjects. If it’s not too much work and you think you can cope try and maintain 4 subjects to A2. It will set you apart from the rest.
  • Work hard! The same goes for you. Break the back of the work this year and next year will be a breeze….

Good luck with everything.